Cities nearby

Bourbon Lancy

Ca ½ hour drive. Beautiful medieval center and area with thermal baths, bloom time around 1900’s


Ca. ½ hour drive. A beautifully restored pilgrimage in medieval abbey.

Chalon sur Saone

Beautiful city Loire. It was once a bustling river port, where many of the region’s wine was shipped over the river and through the Canal du Centre. The historical center is located around the cathedral and the Place Saint-Vincent. It is characterized by numerous half-timbered houses, alleys and towers. A remarkable tower, the Tour du Doyenne (1409), which has a spiral staircase that the cannuniks used to reach their quarters. The tower originally stood next to the apse of the cathedral, she gradually became a ruin and was dismantled and sold to an antique dealer. Only in 1928 she was re-established on the island of Saint-Laurent.


Gets its name from the Roman princeps Augustus, around the beginning of our era on the site of the current Autun founded the city Augustodunum. He wanted to found a town in Gaul that would express the power of Rome. Therefore Autun got some impressive buildings; some still see the remains. Autun was founded on the road between Marseille and the Channel coast, or between Lyon and Boulogne, which was important both for the market as strategically. Definitely recommend. Very old city with, among others Roman amphitheater and cathedral.


Vichy was founded in the 1st century near hot springs at a ford in the river Allier. Vichy later became known as a health resort for the hot springs. Especially in the 19th century tourists came to Vichy to as a wellness centre. In the 1950s and 1960s tourism flourished and Vichy was a sophisticated city. Vichy is known mainly because it was the capital of the so-called Vichy regime.


Town full of character and has long been the residence of the Dukes of Bourbon. The 15th century was a golden age for the city. At the invitation of the Dukes came then-famous artists to the city, including the “Master of Moulins”


Nice old town with one of the oldest hospitals in the world (museum, Hotel de Dieu). The area around Beaune is known for its wines and for its annual wine sales organized by the Hospices de Beaune. This organization was founded in 1442 by Nicolas Rolin, chancellor of the Duke of Burgundy, and his wife. Thanks to donations in the past held that organization vineyards of the most famous parts of Burgundy.
The Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune is the most famous landmark of the town. The building dates from the 15th century and was used as a hospital until 1971. The large ward is integral with the chapel, so that the patients can follow the Mass from their beds. The building is a polyptych of Rogier van der Weyden, also Roger de la Pasture in French, representing the Last Judgement.